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SHORT COMPANY PROFILE Synergies The world is changing systemically and systematically! Life changes! The trend of the contemporary world leads to the essential modification of the mechanisms of life with which we have been accustomed until now. This significantly influences everything around us. The ability to perceive and adapt to the new makes the difference between people, organizations and corporations. The digital age began even before we realized what was happening. Today, this trend is in fierce development, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) advancing rapidly in all professional and everyday life environments. The need for adaptation leads to new approaches, developing individual or associative structures that respond to challenges by sharing common values. Mission We believe that business tourism must inspire, motivate and create connections. Our mission is to transmit these values through everything we do, going beyond the limits of classical tourism. We create complete travel solutions based on our long experience, whether you want to expand your business by looking for new partnerships or markets, attend official, commercial or scientific events, discover a new destination or combine business interest with a holiday. We will make your trip experience not only enjoyable, but also effective. Who we are Updated in 2023 from the perspective of the new requirements of the profile market, responding professionally to the expectations of customers in the business travel segment, according to the latest concepts and capitalizing on state-of-the-art approaches and technologies, the company Pro Business Tours, after the reorganization in 2015, continues the PRO TOURS tradition started in 1997 by Pro Tours Travel and repositioned by Pro Tours International in 1999, functioning both as a business center and as an international tour operator, marcdistinguishing the difference between the typology of holiday services andi those business tourism, introducênd thus in 1997, for the first time in Romênia, the concept of business tourism - business travel. Pro Business Tours It is a service provider of several organizations, institutions and corporations, both Romanian and foreign, successfully developing partnerships with state or private entities. In this respect, we pride ourselves on acquiring the title of Supplier of the Knights of Malta Club, quality that represents a mark of excellence, a sign of recognition and appreciation of the level of services offered by the company Pro Business Tours. We are also proud to be a Partner of Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Center, being part of PRO GROUP OF COMPANIES, together with European Centre for Education, Research and Development - Sintesis. Thanks to our extensive experience and team of professionals in the field of business tourism, we are able to provide customized solutions, with a holistic vision, which guarantees our clients and partners that our main objective is to turn every trip into a valuable investment, not just a simple vacation. Taking stock today of the experience gained, we can proudly say that we have exceeded the organization of 500 national and international events, including official delegations at the level of state presidents, prime ministers and ministers, through official delegations, economic missions and business meetings, technical tours, conferences, congresses, symposiums and forums, seminars, workshops and team-buildings, fairs and exhibitions, sports and cultural events. Our solutions BUSINESS TOURISM The turnkey service packages, developed according to PRO TOURS philosophy for the business travel segment, include organizing participation, in the country and abroad, in:  fairs and exhibitions, both as exhibitor and visitor;  events on cultural and business identity;  economic missions and B2B business meetings;  forums, seminars, conferences, symposia, congresses;  events related to the launch of products and services in third markets. CORPORATE TOURISM A concept intended for companies and institutions, a service or package of services, either customized or global, where PRO TOURS excels since its inception:  booking and issuing air tickets, depending on the booking class and the desired company;  V.I.P., charter, airplane or helicopter flights, in the country and abroad;  booking accommodation according to the desired standard, including villas and other protocol locations;  organization of transfers with different types of machines depending on the needs;  meeting at the airport and picking up guests – Meet & Greet services;  car rental - Rent a Car services;  sightseeing tours or tours of special interest;  organization of cocktails, coffee breaks and other catering services;  CARGO transport;  assistance with visa formalities;  travel insurance;  personalized holiday packages, corporate type, for the entire team of employees;  incentive motivational programs to reward employees;  Consierge Business Travel Solutions - tailor - made services customized according to budgets and needs;  catering services at events;  portal for online requests and reservations. BUSINESS AND LEISURE This is one of the concepts promoted by our company, in which the business component of the program combines with the tourism one, a concept successfully applied by PRO TOURS, both for business delegations and companions, turning a business trip into a real pleasure. FLY TO A SMILE OR MODERN MEDICAL TOURISM WHY FLY TO A SMILE? Because we all want to discover how to be healthy, as simple and natural as possible, without fears and anxieties, to find that SMILE TO FLY TO! And this is where PRO TOURS comes in through the services in the field of medical tourism, transforming the patient into a tourist and giving him back the joy of traveling. From medical consultation, to tourist assistance and offering a personalized package of services, or visa counseling, all these services come to answer questions you ask yourself as a patient:  Which clinic should I go to?  What hotel should I stay at?  Who is waiting for me at the airport?  How do I get from the hotel to the clinic?  How do I deal with the language to speak in?  What do my companions do while I am at the clinic? The answer is only one: PRO TOURS! PRO BUSINESS TOURS It can also become your partner for designing, implementing, developing and monitoring service packages in the business and medical tourism segment.

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